IN/SPECTRE.  Author: Kyo Shirodaira  Artist: Chashiba Katase  Manga genre: Shojo/supernatural  Number of volumes: 6  Still in print? Yes   A ghost stalks the streets of a quiet little Japanese town; a girl with no face dragging a huge steel beam. It hasn’t managed kill anyone – not yet. But, as […]

Manga Review: I

HELLSING Author: Kouta Hirano Manga genre: Seinen/horror Number of volumes: 10 Still in print? No, but: It’s available from Dark Horse on Kindle, and Amazon has countless second-hand volumes. So let’s get one thing out of the way first: Hellsing is insane. Gleefully insane. It will also leave no doubts […]

Manga Review: H

GODCHILD  Author: Kaori Yuki  Manga genre: Shojo/horror  Number of volumes: 8 (English edition).  Still in print? Yes. Godchild is a direct sequel to one of Kaori Yuki’s earlier works, the Cain Saga. Several years had passed between the last of the Cain Saga chapters being published and the launch of […]

Manga Review: G

FUSHIGI YUGI GENBU KAIDEN Author: Yuu Watase Manga genre: Shojo/Shonen (No, really!) Number of volumes: 12 Still in print? Yes. Rarely is a sequel or prequel better than the original, but Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden is one such magical unicorn. In terms of continuity, this series takes place before the […]

Manga Review: F

EMMA Author: Kaoru Mori Manga genre: Josei/historical Number of volumes: 10 (single), older edition or 5 (omnibus), newer edition Still in print? Yes. Emma is, in short, the story of the forbidden love between a maid and a gentleman. The story is set in London, in 1895, where Emma, the […]

Manga Review: E

DOGS: BULLETS AND CARNAGE. Author: Shirow Miwa Manga genre: Seinen Number of volumes: 11 Still in print? Yes. Dogs: Bullets and Carnage is what happens when a doujin artist – an amateur – gets published professionally. He writes, draws and plots like someone who needs to tell his story as […]

Manga Review: D

CLOVER Author: CLAMP Manga genre: Shojo / Josei Number of volumes: 1 (Omnibus) Still in print? Yes. Clover is a manga where the setting itself is almost its own character. A dystopian mega-city, moody and rusting, completely under the thumb of the ruling class of technocrats. As for the art, […]

Manga Review: C

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Book of Human Insects Author: Osamu Tezuka Manga genre: Seinen Number of volumes: 1 Still in print? Yes. When you hear the name Tezuka,the first thing you think might be Astro Boy, or Princess Knight. But in fact, Atom (as he’s called in Japan) and Sapphire are only the tip […]

Manga Review: B

Afterschool Charisma Author: Kumiko Suekane Manga genre: Seinen Number of volumes: 12 Still in print? Yes.   On the surface, you could dismiss this as yet another silly high school manga, with teenaged boys spying on the girls in the changing rooms and all sorts of other school story clichés. […]

Manga Review: A