OPUS Author: Satoshi Kon Manga genre: Seinen, science fiction Number of volumes: 1 Still in print? Yes The first thing you need to know about Satoshi Kon’s manga Opus, is that it’s unfinished. Which, I know, isn’t exactly great – and up until now, we’ve very consciously avoided reviewing unfinished […]

Manga Review: O

NIJIGAHARA HOLOGRAPH Author: Inio Asano Manga genre: Horror Number of volumes: 1 Still in print? Yes The blurb describes this comic as “David Lynchian”, and it’s not hard to see why. Nijigahara Holograph bears some distinctive similarities with the movie Mulholland Drive. There is a little tin box that is […]

Manga Review: N

MIRIAM Author: Kyoko Hikawa Manga genre: Shoujo romance Number of volumes: 5(bunko) / 7 (original edition) Still in print? Yes, but only in Japanese! E-books available Angela here! We’re breaking our our rules again… Once more I’m bringing you a review of a series that is NOT published in English, […]

Manga Review: M #2

MERMAID’S SAGA Author: Rumiko Takahashi Manga genre: Josei (?) Number of volumes: 3 (Viz edition) Still in print? No, but available second-hand The Japanese version of mermaids is very different from the Western one. It may have scales and a tail, but it certainly does not sit on a rock […]

Manga Review: M

LIVINGSTONE Author: Tomohiro Maekawa Artist: Jinsei Kataoka Manga genre: Seinen/horror Number of volumes: 4 Still in print? Yes. Your soul is a stone. That is the main premise this manga is built on. Your soul is a stone called a Psycholith, and every Psycholith has a plan. That plan is […]

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KARNEVAL Author: Mikanagi Touya Manga genre: Shojo Number of Volumes: Still in print? Yes. Karneval is a manga that just makes you happy. A beautiful, well-written manga with a real, beating heart. You can tell how much the author loves to draw cute things, pretty characters, costumes and even candy; […]

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