Flowers of Russia: Coming soon

So as you may have noticed, we don’t just read comics – we make them, too. I write them, and Angela draws them, and we figured we might as well tell you a little bit about this thing we’ve been working on called Flowers of Russia.

What’s it about? Will you throw things at me if I say it’s about a boy and a girl? They already know one another, but it’s not like they’re on each other’s radar or anything – they just happens to be in the same class. Besides, the girl – Maya – already has a best friend, and the boy – Yuri – likes to keep himself to himself. Only then, Maya’s friend dies the day after they accidentally swap school bags. Strange men show up at the school, and there is something in the bag Maya now caries that they want. Cue chase scenes, hiding out in smelly cafes, and getting kidnapped. That’s the kind of thing that forms a bond between people, right? Whether they just become friends, or maybe something else?

What haven’t I mentioned yet? That Yuri is disabled, that’s one thing. But he’s anything but helpless – Yuri has a doctorate in hacking and a black belt in sarcasm. At a time when we were being inundated by handsome, sparkly manga boys, I wanted a hero who wasn’t quite so damn perfect. And a heroine who isn’t afraid to conk a man in the head with a fire-extinguisher, since Maya became the brawn of their little outfit while Yuri became the brains. As the chapters progress, other characters may join them in their quest to Figure Things Out; but at the heart of the story, there’s those two.

Speech bubbles redacted, because.

Finally, where does all this happen – and when? We always tell people that Flowers of Russia is Science Fiction, which it is – set in an alternate reality, where the Soviet Union never dissolved. Where it evolved into the kind of personality-cult led nation you may find somewhere in Asia (cough), with the sort of self-policing, spy-on-thy-neighbour system they spent a few years perfecting in Germany (cough, cough) after World War II. And a glorious president for life who catches trout with his bare hands and rides bears while shirtless (cough, COUGH, cough).

We like to think this comic is a little different. It has super-immersive hacking software, experimental brain surgery, and an AI that will literally come kick you in the face. It also has a League of Evil Dads, a highly addictive video game series call Kung Fu Nuns and a creaky old Volga named – wait for it… Olga. If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is…

From now on, here’s what we’re going to do: Review posts will be back for Mondays, starting next week. And a post about comics-making stuff will go up every Friday. Until then, do svidanya.

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